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  •  09/02/2018

USI Volunteer Day – Passing on Love to the Nantou Ren-Ai’s Home

Group Photo-USI Volunteers and Children of Nantou Ren-Ai's Home

(2018-09-02 Tsaotuen) 40 volunteers who are from "USI Joint Employee Welfare Committee" of USI-TW, the subsidiary of USI (SSE: 601231), passed on donations and heart-warming games to Nantou Ren-Ai's Home yesterday.

Starting off with caring the society, the USI Joint Employee Welfare Committee has organized the Loving Heart Volunteer Day. By gathering the strength of volunteers from USI internal clubs, they conveyed care for local society through interaction with Nantou Ren-Ai's House inhabitants. 

Early in the morning, volunteers from the Aerobic Fitness Club led seniors and children from Nantou Ren-Ai's Home in doing warm-up exercises by showing them how to move. A series of interesting activities followed after, including the "Shooting Ace" activity from the Basketball Club, "I'm the Best Fisher" activity from the Fishing Club, "Run Your Passion" activity from the Jogging Club, "Roll Forward" activity from the Bowling Club, and "Ace Pitcher" activity from the Softball Club. Participants could win prizes when engaging in these interesting activities and games. Besides providing entertainment, the heart-warming and joyful atmosphere also connected everyone together with love. 

From nursery care to long-term care, Nantou Ren-Ai's Home has upheld the belief of providing services to underprivileged groups. It has allowed seniors not to worry too much and enabled children to grow and learn happily. They expect to achieve the goal of "taking care of children and looking after elders properly" while fulfilling the destiny of consistently serving the public. By providing their support to Nantou Ren-Ai's Home, the USI Joint Employee Welfare Committee expects to continue lead USI employees in engaging in charity activities and contribute to social caring to pass on happiness to more people.

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