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RF Design

RF Design

USI RF team provides design skill in circuit and antenna to achieve high quality products which are able to reinforce competitiveness for our customers. Meanwhile, the team is sophisticated and energetic that we have state-of-the-art technology and diverse ideas to gain an edge.

USI RF team is divided into 2 portions: RF and Antenna, which are the two most critical aspects determining the quality of a wireless device.

RF Team

The advantage of USI RF team is focusing on industrial handheld wireless device design since 2000 and our customers are all tier one wireless product vendors in the world. Industrial-graded wireless products, obviously, require much higher reliability and durability, compared with consumer products. Be aware of this, we must pay more attention to component selection, schematic design, mechanical and circuit layout to ensure the radio performance can meet the product requirement.

USI RF team is experienced in WWAN product designs, including 2G, 3G and LTE. In terms of connectivity, we are good at WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC technologies. Furthermore, we’ve capability to integrate all of these various types of radio solutions (no matter it is of chipset design or module package) into our product. Besides, we had built up an extraordinary simulation team which can conduct RF, SI and PI simulation to achieve satisfying design quality in the early development stage. Furthermore, RF R&D center possesses abundant test equipment such as WWAN test box, GNSS tester, OTA chamber and thermal chamber to be complied with the latest regulatory specification and certification rules. Miniaturization of circuity and antenna is also our main mission to accommodate larger battery with more charging capacity and more types of accessories.

Antenna Team

USI antenna team is a distinguished team which always designs fantastic antennas for products. Nowadays, slim form factor, multi-band and long-battery life are the trend of wireless product development. That implicates there is less and less space available for antenna design, which makes meeting the required antenna performance a very challenging task.

USI antenna team is capable of embedding customized configurations using a wide variety of materials to optimize antenna integration and to maximize its performance. Furthermore, it establishes benchmarks for network speed, communication range, antenna efficiency and design reliability across a range of applications, from mobile phones to WiFi and the Internet of Things (IoT). Besides, USI Antenna team is indeed familiar with various types of RF EM CAD tools, which can be utilized for antenna simulation and assessment. This allows us to speed up the product development cycle and ensure our antenna design quality at very early stage of product development, without the need of building expensive mockup samples.

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