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Computing Product Line was dedicated to offering ODM/JDM/EMS computing product design and manufacturing service for customers. Computing Product Line focuses on high-end commercial and consumer products with customized design requirement which covers two major product segments; one is motherboard product and the other is highly integrated PC product.

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SiPSet Applications for NB/Tablet

Electronic device has significantly evolved over the years; it has driven the computing industry to develop more advanced design and manufacturing technologies that can address the increasing needs and complexities across the different applications. Starting from Smartphone and tablet, the next device that needs the miniaturization application will be Notebook. Ultra Slim and light, increasing demands for more functionalities, shorten design cycle will become the basic requirement now. All of these will rely on the further innovation in design, materials, and manufacturing processes. Implementation of SiP (System-in-Package) technology is one of the best solutions.

Computing Products Line is dedicated to offering the SiP solutions for the OEM/ODM Tablet/Notebook designer and manufacturer. Our SiPSet modules cover Power Rail Circuitry, Audio, EC, Charger, Thunderbolt and other customized design.

The benefit of SiPSet Modules:
  • MB Size (X/Y) Reduction to have more Space for Battery and Stylish ID Design
  • Reduce NB Thickness (Z) and Weight
  • Speed up MB Development – Re-use Module for Cross Platform
  • Reduce PCB Layers
  • Improve Signal Integrity
  • Reduce Emission Interference
  • Share the same footprint for different TP solution.
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