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USI and all its subsidiaries hold the responsibility and obligation for the society, the so-called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the business sustainable development of USI are closely linked with the interests of employees, community, society, and stockholders. The scope of CSR covers the issues of labor right, safe and healthy workplace, environmental protection, business ethics, and so on.In order to deploy USI CSR effectively and to meet the expectancy of the stakeholders, USI will undertake the following measures to achieve the goal:

  1. Comply with regional, national and international laws; and regulations signed by USI.
  2. Labor Assurance:
    • Freedom of employment and association; humane treatment and non-discrimination.
    • Legalize working hours, wages and benefits. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure shall not be permitted.
    • Prohibit child labor in any stage of manufacturing.
  3. Ensure safe and healthy workplace, and minimize environmental impact on manufacturing, activities, and products.
  4. Emphasize business ethics of respect for intellectual property, business integrity and disclosure of information. Besides,
    • Prohibit to provide or to receive bribes and other improper advantages.
    • Conduct fair and free competition; carry out honest and fair corporate activities.
  5. Participate in community activities.
  6. Do not procure metals and raw materials originating in conflict regions (Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining country) determined to be financing the conflict by following measures:
    • Encourage suppliers to mandate this requirement to their supply chain.
    • Implement supplier management process confirmation.
    • Collaborate with trade organizations to provide solutions.
  7. Strictly prohibit slavery and human trafficking;the supplier shall also comply.
  8. Improve CSR achievement continually through effective management and public announcement.
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