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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) protection, and Energy Conservation are important goals and responsibility of USI. In addition to continually pursuit for higher qualities in products, activities and services, USI will ensure the health and safety of employees and the use of energy by minimizing environmental impacts and fulfill social responsibilities.Under the EHS and Energy Management system, USI will use limited energy resources appropriately and will commit to carry out following actions:

    • Comply with EHS and Energy regulations, and participate in related global environmental campaign.
    • Communicate, participate and consult the knowledge and the requirements of EHS and Energy Policy continually with all employees, suppliers and contractors.
      And implement trainings and drills to reduce EHS risks and Energy consumption, to prevent potential events from happening.
    • Endeavor pollution prevention, energy management and promote environmental performance of products continuously.
    • Increase resource utilization by energy conservation, production improvement, waste reduction & recycling, and other cost-effective measures.
    • Maintain EHS and Energy Management system with objectives, targets and audits, in accordance with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 50001 requirements.
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Universal Scientific Industrial

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