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Design Quality & Validation

Design Quality & Validation

USI design quality validation teams provide comprehensive test services of functionality & compatibility, reliability, signal & power integrity and regulatory based on customer and product design requirements. USI does not only provide design cycle validation but also the 2nd source parts and engineering change validation after mass production. As a global leading company in electronic design and manufacturing, we continue to extend our validation capability & capacity year by year and leverage 3rd party resource to fulfill customer demands.

Functionality & Compatibility

  • Simulate user environment, scenario and behavior
  • Ensure system-integrated functionality & compatibility


  • Environmental stress simulation test & evaluation
  • MTBF prediction
  • Mechanical test to ensure product robustness
  • User scenario/behavior simulation

Signal & Power Integrity

  • Ensure high speed signal integrity and I/O physical layer quality
  • Ensure wireless signal and audio/video quality
  • Ensure D2D power design quality
  • Energy saving evaluation


  • Ensure product compliance with CE, FCC, UL, IEC and EN worldwide ITE /AV/Medical Standards
  • In-house EMC & safety one-stop service for design, debug, pretest and certification submission
Universal Scientific Industrial

Supplier Chain Management

This commitment to ensure our suppliers and contractors provide high-quality products and service to USI in a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion.
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