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Telematics makes your car safer, keeps you from getting lost, summons roadside assistance at the press of a button, routes you around accidents, auto-dials 911 if you’re in the accident. Those are a few of the features that make up vehicle telematics. For most users, telematics means navigation, communications, safety, security, and increasingly infotainment.

USI telematics design team is designing a crash-resistant black box that receives wireless information. This crash-resistant black box consists of LTE modem, GPS/WiFi/BT module and audio/video output capability inside. Most components or modules we select are either AECQ certified or operating temperature at -40 to +125 degree C to keep telematics system more robust and safer.

USI telematics design team has the capability to do the following car electronics design.

  • Analog and Digital hardware design
  • SW design with RTOS such as Linux, Android, QNX & Nucleus
  • RF integration with LTE/Wi-Fi/BT/GPS
  • 3D UI design capability
  • Designing for harsh EMC environments (RE/CE/RI)

For MCU portion, we are familiar with different chipset platforms such as NXP, Renesas, ST, etc., and focus on MCU or LVDS schematic and layout design to keep RF interference lower and improve signal quality. We can co-work with mechanical team for EMC design and assembly structure to suppress noise and improve grounding.

In order to extend standby time and shorter turn-on time, we are using RTOS such as Nucleus or QNX to speed up the system. Our SW team is familiar with Linux and Android OS as well.

To design attractive UI and directly convert to code for SW usage, we are using 3D UI software such as Kanzi to do graphic design. Finally, RF integration is one of the expertise for our team including LTE, WiFi, GPS or BT. Our engineering team is able to provide all kind of simulation tools for RF integration.

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