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USI has more than 40 years' of experience in automotive industry and offers complete DMS solutions with global manufacturing service. Over the years, it has been striving for perfection on overall quality control and ongoing cost improvements with complete logistics services and flexible IT infrastructure. We are the leading manufacturer in automotive electronics market and have been recognized by world class OE customers as a long-term partner. 

In the near future, the automotive industry will experience a profound transformation with an exciting challenge, eventually, from human driving to autonomous driving. Cars that will be built in the future and the companies that build them will not be the same anymore. Technology is driving this shift, shaped by demographic, regulatory, environmental and cost pressures. Supply chain is re-organizing itself. By 2030, the car and the world around it will look quite different from now. USI is monitoring and ready to take the challenge to meet with this trend in both design and manufacturing in the automotive industry. Just explore this with USI.

Asteelflash has an extensive Automotive expertise in ADAS, EV & HEV, Infotainment, Powertrain, Body & Convenience and more. Together with Asteelflash, we deliver high quality services in engineering, design, prototyping and mass production in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Universal Scientific Industrial

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