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  •  05/05/2020

USI Extends Industry-Academia Collaboration with National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan

(2020-05-05 Shanghai) Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (USI, SSE: 601231) has extended its successful 2-year industry-academia collaboration with the highly acclaimed National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan (NCTU) via its subsidiary, Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd (USI-TW). The two parties are conducting discussions on new projects in 2020 that aim to leverage the strengths of both entities. 

USI-TW and NCTU have an excellent foundation in industry-academia collaboration. To encourage technology innovation and development in higher education, USI-TW has allocated NTD 20 million over a five year period, to support academic research at NCTU. Since 2018, several of the projects have already demonstrated results including collaborative efforts on "Improving AOI Classification via Machine Learning" and "Building a Smart Architecture for Real-time Processing and Response in Big Data". The former project utilized the latest deep learning and image processing techniques, which significantly reduced the manpower required for manual reviews. The latter project explores ways to enhance the ability of IT systems to process sophisticated data within a short period of time. In 2019, two more projects were added, including "Improving the AOI Classification for Non-solderability Defects via Machine Learning" and the "Investigation of RFI Issues in Smart Phones"; expanding the research scope to the optimization of tests for non-solder ball issues, as well as the exploring of design standards for smartphones to avoid radio frequency interference.

The parent company, USI, provides electronic products mainly in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial and automotive electronics for clients worldwide, and has a solid foundation and experience in manufacturing, design and automation, with marketing sites covering Americas, Europe and Asia. Stepping up industry-academia collaboration is essential to meet USI’s internal demand for the expansion and development of its technology footprint. NCTU is renowned for its science and engineering disciplines and has been ranked amongst the top universities in the world in the field of electronics, communications and optoelectronics. It also made the list in the top 100 QS world university rankings in electrical and electronics engineering in 2020. Amongst Taiwan universities, NCTU owns the most patents, and receives the most technology IP licensing income in Taiwan. The university has cultivated many elite R&D talents over the decades, and many USI employees are NCTU alumni. 

"The university's industry-academia collaboration with USI-TW enables our students to go beyond classroom theories, access manufacturing industry data, and capitalize on our R&D resources to develop practical solutions applicable to the industry," says Chair Professor Li-Chun Wang from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NCTU. Results from for the project on "Improving the AOI Classification for Non-solderability Defects via Machine Learning" have received the 1st prize in the SMAI category, the 3rd prize in the PR category and the Popularity Prize at the International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2019 in Taiwan. Professor Wang continues, "these awards demonstrate industry recognition of the R&D strengths of NCTU students and our close ties with the industry."

"The dedication from the university in the collaborative partnership helps the company with the selection of the best solution from conducting practical experiments using data in the various research journals," says OJ Chen, Vice President of Central Engineering of USI.  "We integrate this solution with the actual data from our manufacturing operations, adjust the algorithm and share the results with the university, thereby acknowledging their new academic perspectives and further shortening our development cycle," he continued.

To accelerate the expansion of USI's global footprint, the company would need to hire more talent in management, R&D, manufacturing, etc to fuel this growth. In addition to recruiting the best within the industry, USI is also actively prospecting potential university graduates to attract them to join the company. Industry-academia collaboration provides USI an opportunity to tap on the university's specialized research resources as well as to find new and suitable talent to hire.  This model serves to enhance the company's technical capability and expand the pool of available talent, thereby driving corporate sustainability. To know more about job openings and employee benefits please visit www.usiglobal.com. 

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USI (SSE: 601231), Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., provides design, miniaturization, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and after services of electronic devices/modules for brand owners. USI is a member of ASE Technology Holding (TWSE: 3711, NYSE: ASX) and has many years of experience in the electronics manufacturing services industry and leverages the industry-leading technology of ASE Group, which enables USI to offer customer diversified products in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics worldwide. USI has a sales service network in America, Europe, and Asia; and manufacturing sites in Mainland China, Taiwan, Mexico and Poland. To learn more, visit www.usiglobal.com and engage with us on LinkedIn and YouTube.
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