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  •  05/22/2019

USI Launches Highly Integrated WWAN SOM Module and NB-IoT Communication Module

(2019-5-22, Shanghai) USI (SSE: 601231), a leading global company in electronic design and manufacturing, today announces the launch of two highly integrated and miniaturized modules - the MS-03 PRO SOM (System on Module) and the SMN-01A communication module. The MS-03 PRO SOM consists of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 (SDM450) SoC built into the module, while the SMN-01A communication module is equipped with MediaTek's MT2625 NB-IoT SoC. The launch of these two modules will enable USI's customers to accelerate designs for a wide array of IoT applications such as WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) and NB-IoT (Narrowband-Internet of Things).

MS-03 PRO's predecessor – the MS-01 PRO WWAN SOM, has the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM660 chip incorporated into the module. The module had successfully obtained various industry certifications and had been adopted by many customers in Europe, America and Taiwan for IIoT (Industrial IoT) applications. The newly released USI MS-03 PRO, now featuring Qualcomm's Snapdragon SDM450 processor, is designed for devices running on the Android operating system and supports the integration of most functions on mobile devices such as mobile POS (Point of Sale), rugged handheld computers and tablets.

In parallel, after many years of collaboration between USI and MediaTek, the company has officially launched a communication module using MediaTek's NB-IoT chip. USI's SMN-01A communication module incorporates the MediaTek's MT2625 NB-IoT SoC, and is designed for low bandwidth, low power, long range and massive IoT applications that support NB-IoT communication standards. Compatible with multiple network and low power protocols, the SMN-01A module enables a variety of IoT and M2M (Machine to Machine) applications such as smart parking, smart metering and asset tracking. 
"USI has been a leading developer of modules for various networking technologies including WiFi, BT, LoRa and WWAN," said Siegfried Chang, director of Product Marketing, MediaTek. "We were delighted to extend engineering support on the development of the USI SMN-01A communication module using MediaTek's MT2625 SoC. We are confident that USI will continue to develop effective module solutions for IoT related products well into the future," he continued.

"Developing solutions to address wider and more stable network coverage using lower power has always been one of our strategic goals," says Kevin Lan, vice president of Wireless Mobility Solutions Business Unit, USI. "The SMN-01A communication module developed with MediaTek's MT2625 SoC, is compliant with 3GPP R14 standards and will allow customers greater flexibility to design more IoT products using our solutions," he continued.

In response to growing market needs for IoT and advanced applications, USI has researched and developed module designs and manufacturing capabilities for various networking technologies. In recent years, it has introduced a series of SOMs (System-on-Modules) based on miniaturization to help customers develop more portable products packed with greater functions. For further information about other IoT SOMs, please visit the official website of USI.

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