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  •  11/18/2016

Universal Global Scientific Industrial and Buymanager Shape the Future of the Supplier Web Portal (DIGITIMES)

(2016-11-18) At the 2016 Taipei International Electronics Show, Universal Global Scientific Industrial, on the basis of its years of rich experience in electronics manufacturing and in conjunction with Buymanager's expertise in purchase systems, invited Taiwan's well-known electronic component suppliers to discuss the application and future of the Supplier Web Portal.

According to Gu Edward, a senior manager with USI's Supply Chain Management Division, "USI receives approximately more than 60 quotations each month on average, and it even receives more than 130 quotations per month in peak seasons. Therefore, the purchase procedure involves excessively detailed steps and explosive amounts of information. USI has been thinking how to construct a complete process to minimize manual steps and record and make good use of purchase information. As the conventional operation procedure can easily lead to the nullification of important information as a result of human negligence or special changes in positions, USI hopes to prevent such risks and increase operation efficiency."

Gu Edward hopes to effectively apply the scientific concept of big data to activate the huge and invaluable database of USI. After the introduction of Buymanager, USI has significantly reduced the use of Excels.

After two months of the introduction of Buymanager, USI has processed more than 500,000 pieces of data through this system. Gu Edward says, "Buymanager is an ideal application of big data. It can not only process quotation-related information but also provide assistance for engineers, businesses and end customers. It enables people of different roles and responsibilities to access the latest and most accurate data, increases the efficiency in providing customer services and useful information, and ensures that purchases can make real contributions to the growth of the company's financial results.

Loman Biarez, CEO of Buymanager, specially stated, "The cloud system not only benefits the buyers but also helps suppliers greatly. The ability of a supplier to give a faster and more accurate quotation means a greater chance for cooperation. With less use of e-mails and excel spreadsheets, time is saved and quotations are consistently managed. In the future, we will include more systems into our web portal, and it will be possible for suppliers to complete the quotations for different clients on this single platform and use it to manage their own quotation processes. Buymanager and USI hope to build the most convenient and practical solution together with the partners."

In the end, Gu Edward mentioned, "In the past 20 years, purchase procedures were based on communication via large quantities of emails, and data were managed through complicated excel spreadsheets. USI hopes to facilitate the accuracy of strategic decision making and achieve more accurate management of purchase costs through its partnership with Buymanager. After all, in the rapidly changing electronics manufacturing industry, it's obvious that traditional procedures and tools can no longer meet the challenges of the new era. No progress means retrogression."

Universal Scientific Industrial

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