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  •  06/06/2019

USI TW Supports Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth to Encourage Students to Create Chinese Literature Works

(2019-6-6) USI TW, a subsidiary of Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 601231) which is a global giant electronics designer and manufacturer, encourages students to create Chinese literature works and continues to sponsor the "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth". On the 2nd, Otto Yu, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Corporate Social Responsibility presented in the 37th "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth" award ceremony.

The 37th Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth received 1,619 contributions from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and the United States. The number of contributions by Taiwanese students has increased by 1.5 times compared with the amount of last year, and the number of overseas contributions has also kept pace with that of Taiwan. Only 45 works can stand out in such fierce competition. The winning works are also published in the "Mingdao Literature & Arts" and National Library of Public Information. 

Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth are known as the cultivator of the Chinese literary world. It has discovered many outstanding writers, and many famous writers, such as Zhang Man Juan, Jian Zhen, Hou Wen Yong, etc., won this literary award during their school times. As of the 37th awards, there have been 1,682 winners and a total of NT$20,632,000 was awarded. We look forward to having more award-winning students emerging in the Chinese literary world.

At the award ceremony, Liao Yu Hui, Liao Hui Ying, Lin Dai Man, Du Ye, Lu Han Xiu, and Jiao Tong, among many literary predecessors, were present to encourage the winners, motivating young students not to lose their initial intentions and to continue reading and writing. With the belief of "Investing in the Education of Initial Intentions to Sustain the Legacy of Chinese Literature Works", USI TW continues to support the "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth" and together with Mingdao High School to inspire the literary creation of young students.
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