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  •  05/09/2022

USI Launches Real-Time GPS Asset Tracker for Smart Logistics

(2022-5-9) Running efficient logistics is crucial to business operation, and the enterprise can benefit from the insights of the instant resources management, including the dynamics of vehicles, goods and labors. USI’s GPS asset tracker, UT-1, is powered by IoT technology, integrating multiple features, such as precise positioning, low power consumption, diversity sensors, and controllable costs. In addition to smart logistics, the GPS tracker is also being widely implemented in the smart city & industries.

The GPS asset tracker is featured by LPWAN module (NBIoT/CatM), highly integrated microprocessors, Bluetooth, and GPS. UT-1 is designed with the temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, and accelerometer sensors, combined, high-efficiency antennas, power management, and robust mechanical structure. The durability assures it can be operated under extreme weather conditions, allowing the seamless data transmitted back from each GPS tracker to the customer’s cloud to improve logistics efficiency and asset management.
Graphic: Application Scenario of USI’s GPS Asset Tracker, UT-1

As a global leader in system-in-package (SiP), USI specializes in designing wireless communication products based on its rich design experience, especially in the hardware, software, RF, acoustic integration, industrial design, quality validation, and manufacturing. Bordin Lin, Product Manager of USI Integrated Mobility Solutions, said regarding our advanced capabilities in design and manufacturing, we offer GPS asset tracking solution to help enterprises make optimal and precise decisions by the insights from real-time logistics dynamics.
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