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  •  05/15/2023

USI Launches PCle Gen.5 Mass Production Testing Platform Solution To Boost The Solid-State Drive Industry

(2023-05-15 Shanghai) With the accelerating popularity of PCIe Gen.5 technology, high-speed data transfer and low latency have become essential application requirements for industries such as gaming, data centers and cloud computing, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as automotive and aerospace. To meet the urgent need of these industries to build product ecosystems supporting this interface, USI has launched its self-developed PCIe Gen.5 mass production test platform solution. As a well-known enterprise with 17 years of expertise in solid-state drive (SSD) products, USI provides end-to-end services from R&D, validation to mass production, and is renowned for its top product quality in the industry. The launch of the PCIe Gen.5 mass production test platform solution demonstrates USI' technical strength and innovative capabilities in this field.

The transfer rate of PCIe Gen.5 doubles to 32GT/s compared to the previous generation, which requires more stringent signal transmission and the technology supporting ecosystem is not yet complete. The mass production test platform must have stricter design and validation for the controller, PCB material, wire length, signal path, connector, and software settings, resulting in significantly increased development cycle time, technical risk, and cost. Currently, there are just few solutions in the market that support PCIe Gen.5 testing, which are costly, with long lead time, and the supply from foreign manufacturers is limited. USI launches its self-developed mass production test platform solution to address these challenges.

USI's SSD generic production testing solution has many advantages. The platform is deployed in a standard rack and has a modular design, with testing port modules added or removed as needed. A single cabinet supports testing for 80 U.2 drives or 40 AIC drives, with a single port supporting up to 150W power consumption. The platform also supports all ports running at full PCIe Gen.5 speed simultaneously, with voltage and current measurement and protection, skew testing, hot-swapping, unified platform software management, software upgrades, platform self-verification, flexible capacity configuration options, and affordable total operating costs for the testing platform. These features will provide customers with a more efficient, stable, and flexible testing solution.

Jaguar Meng, PM of Storage Array & Interconnect PLM of USI, said “USI's self-developed mass production testing platform solution will provide efficient, stable, and flexible testing support for the PCIe Gen.5 industry. In addition, USI also provides customized support based on a generic testing plan. With its intellectual property in the product, we can provide customized PCIe Gen.5 interface product mass production support such as custom interfaces, temperature variation environments, and mass production testing program development based on customers' specific needs. This will greatly improve users' production efficiency, reduce technical risks, and enhance product competitiveness.”

This solution showcases USI's technical strength and innovation in the solid-state drive (SSD) industry and is a testament to the company's continuous exploration of technology bottlenecks and innovative solutions. With USI's generic testing solution and customized support, the company will become a reliable partner for PCIe Gen.5 interface production testing, making an important contribution to the development of the entire industry.
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