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Smart Manufacturing

Each automation goal is to improve product quality, process stability and on-time delivery. Help customers succeed in winning the market through intelligent automation strategies.


Automation is not simply replacing direct labor by robot. By introducing smart automation, we optimize existing manufacturing process in addition to eliminating manual process and material handling. Every automation project’s objective is to also enhance product quality, process stability and on time delivery performance USI continuously supports our customers to be successful in winning the market through our smart automation strategy. It is a great win-win strategy for both our customers and USI.

Automation Strategy

Shorter product life cycle and more customized products are becoming the primary trend in today’s market. USI is ready to take the challenge via developing highly flexible and modular common platforms with fast change over capability for high mix low volume products by adopting proven technologies and constantly developing new ones in automation while investing in &D resource for future roadmap, USI is implementing more automation in different manufacturing processes to help our customers to gain competitiveness.

Single & Dual Robot
  • High speed load/unload for Function Test
  • Handle average 10 testing fixtures
  • Double CCDs to have high placement accuracy
  • Auto collect production & quality data through Industry 4.0 applications
  • Higher productivity with automatic continuous supplement
Universal Scientific Industrial
Stream Line
  • Automatically collect production & quality data through Industry 4.0 applications
  • Over 30 Idiot-proof design inside
  • Implement fast change over tool kits to reduce the change over time
  • Stream line to have higher productivity, lower WIP and eliminate material handling risk
Universal Scientific Industrial
Universal Scientific Industrial

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