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  •  03/22/2023

Make Fleet Management Smarter: USI Develops the AI Fleet Dash Cam

(2023-03-22, Shanghai) The challenge of fleet management lies in the absence of real-time insights into goods, human resources, and fleet maintenance conditions. USI has leveraged its leading wireless technology to debut a commercial dashcam to help corporates get back on track and manage their fleet more efficiently.

The key features of this commercial dashcam will leverage the Qualcomm platform with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and multiple cameras. The excellent interface and RF connectivity can perfectly integrate the sensors to obtain real-time car information for monitoring. Furthermore, through the in-cab camera and 5G connectivity, the commercial dashcam can detect and report distractions of the driver or unprecedented conditions.

AI Fleet Dash Cam User Scenario: obtain real-time car information

"USI has rich experience in industrial-grade system design and integration. We are excited to offer an advanced 5G/AI commercial dashcam solution to fulfill the dynamic needs of fleet management." Lonson Li, the Product Manager of the Smart Fleet Management Product Line, said.

Smart fleet management technology combines IoT technology with edge and cloud computing cooperation. Companies can manage their fleet efficiently by implementing multi-purpose sensors, data loggers, GPS trackers, fleet gateways, and commercial dash cameras. USI provides the best-fit solution with artificial intelligence technology to help corporates for the fleet and driving safety.

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