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Wearable Solutions

USI delivers the smallest, lowest power Wearable Solutions from optical heart rate module to wristband, Hybrid watch PCBA/module products and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth earbuds module. We provide customized design, engineering and manufacturing services to shorten time to market.

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Optical Heart Rate Module

Optical Heart Rate Module Provides below advanced features:

  • Accurate detection of heart rate and Oxygen Saturation measurement
  • Small and thin dimension by advanced embedded die technology.
  • Consisting of a higher performance Red, Green, Infrared LEDs and a photo-detector
  • Optimized optical design for better signal quality
  • Optimized design for continuous heart rate measurement


M8003 is an optical bio-sensing applications, such as heart-rate monitoring (HRM). The module contains an Analogue Front End (AFE) IC, Photodiode, Triple Green LED, Red LED and IR LED. The optical bio-sensing module has a high dynamic range transmit and receive circuitry that helps with the sensing of very small signal levels. The module can be read out the digital signal data using an I2C interface.

  • Dimension 6.6 x 2.4 x 0.775 (H) mm
  • Integrated Analog Front-End TI AFE4404
  • Integrated optical sensor dies with photodiode, Red, IR and triple Green LED (Green: 525nm, Red: 660nm, IR: 940 nm)
  • M8003
Universal Scientific Industrial

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