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In the cloud computing marketing, USI provides the different server products (Rack 1U/2U, Tower, Customized Chassis…etc) to fulfill the computing segments of cloud and edge. USI also provides the flexible working model for design and manufacture service to customers. And The design experience including HW x86 platform (Intel & AMD) with Aspeed BMC and FW BIOS/BMC/FPGA building capability. USI also familiar all high speed interface test and qualification to achieve high quality requirement and word wide certification.

Universal Scientific Industrial


In USI, customers will have both the ODM/JDM server products developing and EMS server board build service. We offer the L10 server system design service, which includes the server M/B, Firmware BIOS & BMC, Sub-card (Backplane, Add-on card etc.), enclosure & thermal design and system integration. Customers’ NPI and mass production can be managed in Asia Pacific and North America site and also have the word wide support.

USI's Strengths
  • 15+ years of the Server system, MB, sub-Cards ODM/JDM design experience
  • Intel/AMD x86 platform hardware, BMC, BIOS and FPGA development talent expert
  • Total solution on system integration validation
  • Certification and Regulatory Service
  • Advanced SMT manufacturing, assembly, test process
  • World Wide Logistic and Service

Edge Server


Edge server is a new server type for low latency and response time application purpose. It will be more and more popular when the 5G infrastructure building ready. USI notices this marketing early than 2015 and work with customer to mass production first Edge server with wireless function product 2018. USI are keep going to study the new Edge technology and provide the high quality and mature products to our customer.

  • Intel/AMD work partner and can get the technology support directly.
  • Full system and board design capability.
  • Customized sub-cards design capability including Riser/Backplane/M.2 or WiFi adapter/Operation Panel … etc.
  • Latest DDRx/PCIe Genx/25G SFP28/OCP design and test capability
  • Signal quality/Power/Thermal/Mechanical/lighting simulation capability
  • Wireless antenna design, simulation, and test capability
  • Edge Server /w wireless option
    Edge Server /w wireless option
  • Edge Server Motherboard
    Edge Server Motherboard
  • OTII Edge Server
    OTII Edge Server
  • OTII Edge Motherboard
    OTII Edge Motherboard
Universal Scientific Industrial

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