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Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI-Taiwan) is a subsidiary of Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. USI-Taiwan is located in central Taiwan and has two facilities, the Tsaotuen site and the Nankang site.

Tsaotuen site provides customers with the design and manufacture of electronic products and modules and meets customers' specific needs in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and maintenance.

Tsaotuen site has completed R&D resources, diversified technology capabilities, advanced manufacturing equipment and a global supply chain system. Through years of accumulated innovation and comprehensive technical capabilities in serving world-class corporate customers, it can provide the most comprehensive technical support with high speed and efficiency and continuously expand the verification capabilities and production capacity every year to fulfill customer entrusted orders. In addition to achieving specific cost-effectiveness, it also maintains the first-class quality and standard of products.

Tsaotuen site has sophisticated design and manufacturing experience in the following products/technologies. It can provide customers with high-value-added services and products with excellent response, efficiency and quality. In addition to providing customers with mass production of products, It also has a high degree of flexibility to handle small and complex products.

  • Wireless communication
  • Consumer    
  • Automotive electronics
  • Aerospace electronics
Universal Scientific Industrial


  • 6 high-speed SMT lines, PCB max. length 750mm In-line & 1,200 mm off-line, and max. width 460 mm
  • In-line Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and off-line 2.5D X-ray
  • 1 lead-free wave solder line with max. PCB width 520mm & max. wave height 16mm
  • Customized testing program and testing system, including ICT test equipment & FCT test programs under DOS / Windows / Linux
  • Box build and system testing capability
  • Under-fill with auto-dispensing equipment
  • Single and double-sided wafer saw
  • Epoxy and solder die bonding
  • Au/Cu/AI and heavy Al wire bonding
  • Encapsulation (including Dam & Fill, case attaching, gel potting, surface coating, EMC molding and sealing)
  • Cleanroom
Universal Scientific Industrial

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Universal Scientific Industrial
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