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Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI-Taiwan) is a subsidiary of Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. USI-Taiwan is located in central Taiwan and has three facilities, the Tsaotuen site, the Nankang 1 site and the Nankang 2 site.

Nankang 2 site has diverse technical capabilities and advanced manufacturing equipment. Also, it has established a complete supply chain system with mutually beneficial cooperation with other sites in Nantou to provide technical support with high efficiency. With stable and innovative technical capability accumulated through years of serving world-class customers, we continue to get certification every year and maintain the top quality and standards of services with a strict attitude.

With excellent responsiveness, efficiency, and quality, Nankang 2 site can assist customers by providing design and manufacturing services in the automotive electronics, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, and military application areas. The overall production line, furthermore, is highly flexible to handle small quantities and high-complexity products.
Universal Scientific Industrial


  • 10 assembly lines with one piece flow design layout.
  • Lean manufacturing for high-mix system assembly products.
  • Auto-screwing machines for box assembly.
  • Hot-melt glue with auto-dispensing equipment.
  • Laser mark machine for GPS Bike Computer.
  • Leakage function test for IPX7 waterproof products.
  • Customized FCT test programs under DOS / Windows / Linux and semi-auto test for Speaker & Microphone test process.
  • GPS, WiFi & Bluetooth function test.
Universal Scientific Industrial

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