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USI has more than 15 years design and manufacture experiences on rugged handheld device. We provide Turn-Key solution for rugged handheld computers, rugged wearable computers, vehicle mounted computer, and related accessories include cradle, docking, cable sets, and soft goods in EMS or JDM business model. With more than a decade’s endeavor, USI rugged handheld team equip with extensive hardware, software, and mechanical design capability. The cumulated experiences become an important asset for design a most demanding industrial device.

Universal Scientific Industrial


Our rugged computers address business and industrial needs by maximizing processing power, rugged design, data capture, and seamless connectivity. Target applications are critical business applications and tough usage environment such as warehouse & manufacturing, field mobility, retail & healthcare, etc.


For the manufacturing & warehouse segment, our rugged handheld computer equipped with advanced barcode scanning, high speed WLAN, and ruggedized design will make sure tough work accomplished from receiving dock to shipping dock. Our vehicle computer design to withstand repetitive shocks and fast temperature transit is perfect to the forklift and cold-chain applications. The WLAN with fast roaming capability will ensure real time data exchange even when the vehicle moving in high speed.

For the field mobility applications such as transportation and logistics usages, the device have to easy to carry and ready to work under the sun, rain, or other environmental challenges. Our design incorporates latest LTE connectivity and user friendly Android operating system will help end users dealing with business seamlessly under the mobility environment.

For the retail & healthcare products, the light-weighted and modern industrial design allows the device work in store front and performs customer facing activities. The healthcare products have additional features to withstand cleaning and disinfection process in hospital environment.

Universal Scientific Industrial

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