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Network Solution

Network Solution

USI Network Solution design team is focusing on ODM/OEM business development of enterprise AP, small business AP, gateway, wireless controller and home security products with customers of the top branded networking companies. We are experienced in the network solution product development. We have HW/SW/TD/MD, excellent R&D capabilities and high quality design, verification and manufacturing. Product in this category includes 2x2/3x3/4x4 802.11ax/ac/n AP with or without PoE, 5 port or 8 port or 24 port Switch, 2x2/3x3 WiFi Dock and other products. We also provide the different kinds of gateway development base on customers’ requirement to integrate LTE, Bluetooth, Zigbee, audio phone, sensors, etc., for IoT applications.

Network Solution design team has more than 10 years experienced to do product development in HW, RF, SW, MD and TD. We have

  • Broadcom QCA, MTK, Realtek, etc. chipset solutions
  • RF front end circuits design and test capabilities
  • Antenna design and simulation capabilities
  • RF simulators to calculate the impedance, RF return loss, Insertion loss, etc.
  • SI/PI tools to simulate the signal integrity, power integrity
  • EMI simulator to simulate the board level noise and reserve the solution
  • DC/DC power design, 802.3af, 802.3at, 60W PoE power circuits design, dual POE support current sharing, redundancy design capabilities and PD/PSE power test facilities
  • ID/Mechanical design capability in concept design, thermal/ stress simulation, 3D solid modeling, test and analysis, tooling, etc.
  • Firmware BSP, Driver Porting, Bootloader Development, MFG FCT Development, UI Customization capabilities
  • Linux, Microsoft, Android, etc., OS development experience
  • Web management, L2/L2+ Switch software development capability
  • Manufacturing test development in WiFi calibration, board level test, system integration test and optimization capabilities

USI Network Solution design team can base on customers’ requirements to provide proposal, cost effective design, high quality performance, launch product with the latest WiFi technology. We help our customers rapidly deploy the newest specifications of products. With the good relationship with chipset providers, we can get the newest design packages from vendor to get into design in the early stage. USI’s value can be shown by providing the prototype products to customers for evaluation and define their next generation AP product.

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