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Electrical Design

Electrical Design

USI electrical design provides cost-effective implementation solution, advanced design flow to shorten design cycle time, efficient execution to achieve fast turnaround time. As a leading global company in electronic design and manufacturing, our comprehensive electrical design capability will be definitely meet our customers’ needs.

SI/PI/RF Electrical Simulation

  • RF/SI /PI analysis guided design and debug
  • RF channel and antenna analysis
  • 3D complex structure electrical performance analysis
  • Lab measurement correlation

EMC Design

  • EMC/RF design and debug
  • EMI/RF emission simulation
  • EMI/ESD/RF pretest
  • Worldwide Regulatory Certification

Power Design

  • Non-isolated DC-DC design
  • Isolated PoE (Power of Ethernet)
  • Server VR13/IMVP8
  • Li-Ion/Ni-MH battery charger
  • LED lighting driver

PCB/SiP Layout

High speed Digital/RF/Analog technology layout design

Capable of extremely complex design with industry’s leading layout tools

  • Cadence allegro PCB layout.
  • Mentor PADS PCB layout
  • CAM350 Gerber review
  • Valor DFM/DFT analysis
Universal Scientific Industrial

Supplier Chain Management

This commitment to ensure our suppliers and contractors provide high-quality products and service to USI in a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion.
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