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Audio & Acoustic

Audio & Acoustic

Specializing in electro-acoustic, USI Audio team puts all its effort into the mobile communications, multimedia, and high audio quality of industrial hand-held. In addition to professional and engineering, the passion is conveyed to our products. USI Audio team focuses on electro-acoustic component and provides the solution for customizing special audio experience for industrial environment such as warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. Our audio solution doesn’t only provide higher loudness performance and longer life cycle than consumer products but also can pass the consumer certification to satisfy ETSI worldwide standard. Our acoustic chamber and artificial head measurement system HATS can execute standard test described above.


USI audio team has the capability to design audio and acoustic function in electrical products. For audio portion, we are familiar with different chipset platform such as Qualcomm, TI, MTK, etc., and focuses on audio schematic and layout design to improve audio quality. For acoustic portion, we can co-work with mechanical team for speaker chamber design and assembly structure to improve acoustic frequency response and distortions. We also join design in sealing and waterproof protection for strengthening product reliability to satisfy industrial application in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. In addition, USI has the capability to design acoustic component for special dimension and module with chamber and housing with our vendor to meet the critical ID design.

For the audio analysis system in the rear end, USI has the acoustic chamber and SoundCheck system to implement component test and device system test to review acoustic frequency response and distortions. We also have the Universal Radio Communication tester and artificial head measurement system HATS to perform WWAN audio test which based on 3GPP TS 26.132 standard, and we use CTS three axes probe to test receiver in magnetic intensity to comply FFC HAC T-coil portion.

We can shorten debug time and save cost by pre-testing 3GPP and FCC certification with instrument of USI audio lab inside to enhance customer confidence. We also co-work with 3rd party lab to perform other standard test to satisfy global telecommunication’s criteria. Our audio solution not only provides higher loudness voice and longer life cycle different from consumer products but also can pass the consumer certification.

Specification Example

  • High-Level audio codec from Qualcomm solution.
  • Support VoIP application.
  • Rear speaker could provide the 90dB volume at a distance of 10cm with max OS volume settings.
  • Front receiver for handset audio communication provides the pure voice quality and Hearing Aid Compatible was applied.
  • Dual integrated microphones to enhance the echo cancellation and noise suppression performance.
Universal Scientific Industrial
Universal Scientific Industrial

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