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Storage Solution

Storage Solution

USI provides the ODM/JDM design service and EMS manufacturing service in Storage and Server products, including the Rack mount server, NAS, SSD and JBOD system. We offer the L10 system design services which cover the hardware board, firmware (BIOS, BMC), drivers/API, sub-card, enclosure and thermal develop. Providing high levels of reliability, quality and scalability products, which enable our customers benefit in saving developing cost and design cycle time.


USI is an industry leading D(MS)2 provider, and offers a comprehensive line-up of SSD design, testing and manufacture for the client and enterprise applications. USI SSD products support variety of interfaces, such as SATA, SAS, FC, PCIe, and most kinds form factors, such as 2.5”, M.2, Add-In-Card, U.2, BGA, and 19”/21”flash array.

With over a decade off SSD manufacturing since 2006, and years of design since 2008, USI has achieved the state-of-the-art BGA (SiP) SSD and hybrid SSD in the world. So far, more than 35 million SSDs were produced by USI, proving USI is capable of servicing customers with customized and flexible developments.

  • Product List

    • Universal Scientific Industrial
      M.2 SSD, include SATA, PCIe
    • Universal Scientific Industrial
      2.5” SATA SSD, Support SATA I,II,III

Innovative Cross Platform P2P Technology

Regarding to the trend of information live-sharing, USI has developed a peer-to-peer solution for transferring video/photo/music/file between HTML5 Web browsers and private cloud storage. The solution provides a framework for Webpage and Linux system to implement a protocol based on WebRTC to support file browsing, file transporting, Media-On-Demand functions even peers are all behind firewalls or NATs.
  • Cross-Platform
  • Based on Open Source
  • No Installation on Client Devices
  • Good versatility and extensibility


In USI, customers can have ODM, JDM or EMS server products developing service. We offer the L10 server system design service, which include the server M/B, Firmware BIOS & BMC, Sub-card (Backplane, Add-on card etc.), enclosure & Thermal design and system integration & Validation. 


NAS is one of the key products for USI system product category. As an ODM provider, USI has very close business relationship with tier one NAS customer in the world. USI has won good reputation in technology and product quality in the market.

Data is one of the key properties for whatever enterprise or personal. Public and private cloud will co-exist in the area in the coming future and facilitate NAS plays an important role. USI has built up marketing and technology for NAS industry for decades, which has become a pillar for us to win in the new IT technology change of tide. USI is experienced on consumer, SOHO and SMB NAS design and manufacturing for a long time as well.

Universal Scientific Industrial

Supply Chain Management

This commitment to ensure USI suppliers and contractors provide high-quality products and service to USI in a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion.
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