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RF & Antenna Design

RF & Antenna Design

The USI RF and antenna team has a top-notch circuit, antenna, system design capabilities, and certification experience, and can provide customers with high-quality products to enhance market competitiveness. Experienced, positive attitude, top technology and diverse ideas are the core strengths of our team.

RF Design Team

Since 2000, the USI RF team has been involved in the design of industrial handheld wireless devices, and our customers are all top brand companies in the world. Compared with consumer products, industrial-grade wireless products pursue higher reliability and better durability. Therefore, we are more cautious in selecting components, making schematic designs, mechanical placement, and circuit layouts to ensure that the performance of its wireless reception and transmission meets the requirements of products and regulations. In addition to industrial handheld wireless devices, we are also involved in the design of wireless products in many different fields, such as mobile POS machines, edge servers, and smart wearable devices.

USI's RF design team has extensive experience in the design of WWAN products for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G NR (New Radio). In connectivity technology, we are good at WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS, RFID, UWB and NFC. With the SiP technology, we can fully integrate the above-mentioned types of wireless solutions, whether chipset design or module packaging, into the product. In addition, our excellent simulation team can perform radio frequency, antenna, signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) simulations, so that the design quality can be ensured in the initial development stage and meet the quality requirements of customers. Furthermore, the internal RF R&D center has a wealth of test equipment, such as WWAN tester, mmWave test chamber, 3D OTA anechoic chamber and thermal chamber, to ensure that products comply with the latest regulatory conditions and certification requirements. Miniaturization of circuits, antennas and systems is also our main project. Through SiP technology, the miniaturization of circuits and antennas frees up space for larger capacity batteries and other components.

Antenna Design Team

USI's outstanding antenna design team always designs excellent antennas for products. Nowadays, millimeter wave (mmWave), slim form factor, multi-band, multi-radio, and long-lasting battery life are the current trends in the development of wireless products, which also means that the space for antennas is less and less. Therefore, it is a very challenging task to design an antenna that meets the performance requirements of the product.

Our antenna design team has the ability to embed multiple types of materials into customized configurations, and can perfectly combine antennas and maximize their performance. In addition, from WWAN to WiFi and Internet of Things, the antenna design team has set benchmarks for network speed, communication range, antenna efficiency and design reliability. The team is familiar with various RF, EM, and CAD tools to speed up product design and ensure the quality of antenna design without creating expensive samples in the early stage of product design.

USI has invested in antenna technology research and development for more than ten years, and the research and development technology is deeply trusted by customers. In recent years, it has actively invested in the research and development of 5G NR antennas, gradually extending the antennae of products from users to terminal devices, and becoming a comprehensive communications solution provider.

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