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  •  03/23/2022

Fleet management: Invisible Hands Drive Your Team Wisely

In its broadest sense, telematics is joining two sciences-telecom, a part of innovation including telephone and informatics like computer systems. Today, the term generally presents the center of multiple informatic functions used in business vehicles. 

How does telematics function?
At its center, a telematics framework incorporates a vehicle GPS beacon introduced in a vehicle that permits the sending, getting, and putting away of telemetry information. It interfaces through the installed diagnostics (ODBII) or CAN-BUS port, and a locally available modem empowers correspondence through a remote organization.

The gadget gathers GPS information and a variety of other vehicle-explicit information. It sends it through GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), a versatile router, and satellite correspondence to an incorporated server. The server deciphers the information and shows it to end clients through secure channels and upgraded applications like cell phones and tablets.

The telematics information can incorporate area, speed, standing by time, fuel utilization, vehicle shortcomings, and so on. When investigated for specific occasions and scenarios, this data can present top-to-bottom data to the user or vehicle inspector.

How might my vehicle utilize a telematics system?
Telematics systems can incorporate with existing applications and frameworks to empower a variety of utilization cases for vehicles, including:
  • Vehicle and resource following
Vehicles can be followed utilizing a mix of GPS satellites and collectors, GPRS organizations, and distributed computing. A GPS recipient downloads data from GPS satellites and continues with GPS routing apps. It could also communicate that data through GPRS to the web servers utilized by the office, so any vehicle in a fleet can be managed and dispatched if any delivery request occurs. GPS trackers can be placed on the trailers and other non-mechanized resources to guarantee they don't disappear and also can be used to direct drivers straightforwardly to the trailers. 

Drivers can label areas in their GPS unit after unloading a trailer. These labels can be effortlessly passed to other members in the fleet, permitting them to course straightforwardly to the trailer. The system can likewise be set up as a dynamic alert message in the manager's cell phone should a trailer or resource be moved without approval.
  • Support vehicle lifecycle Improvement
The vehicle lifecycle can be improved by utilizing telematics to follow long stretches of utilization records and upkeeping timetables. The fleet manager can diminish costs and keep vehicles in safe working condition by keeping steady over motor diagnostics, including battery voltage, coolant temperature, powertrain glitches, valves issues, oxygen sensor issues.
  • Security following
Fleet Supervisors can utilize a telematics system to screen vehicle speed and area and brutal driving occasions, and safety belt use. Telematics could be helpful for an advanced plan of each part of a vehicle's activity, assisting fleet administrators with getting where enhancements can be made in mishap avoidance measures and driver wellbeing principles.
  • Protection hazard evaluation
Insurance organizations can utilize telematics to screen driver performance, permitting them to more precisely discover hazard factors and regulate protection charges. Telematics gadgets can likewise send an alarm when a vehicle is being used out of the "geofence", which is the area outside an assigned region.。

What are the advantages of telematics in fleet management? 
Telematics innovation can assist fleet with accomplishing functional upgrades in four key factors:
  • Diminished fuel costs
Telematics can also avoid specific waste, for example, calculation of the fuel efficiency, allowing the fleet manager to save the shipping cost expeditiously. It likewise can assist the administrator with arranging the most effective course for every driver to lessen superfluous mileage, which undoubtedly contributes to eco-friendliness.
  • Further developed security
Continuous monitoring of driving behaviour allows fleet administrators to rectify drivers and decrease undesirable driving propensities like speeding or suddenly slowing down. Enhancements can be made according to data-based reports.
  • Raised usefulness
With close to ongoing GPS framework information, drivers can assist with keeping away from traffic deferrals and plan for nasty weather conditions. The administrative center can rapidly and effectively assign any new mission to the closest vehicle and send with the most productive driving route.
  • Better finance the executives
By following the exact time, a vehicle begins toward the start of the day to the second it closes down, fleet managers have a precise, computerized record of how lengthy a driver has been working. Meanwhile, the timesheet for each driver can be managed and assigned mission effectively. This assists company with checking that drivers are paid precisely for the hours they work.

Equipped with a “Hand” for your Vehicles
For most users, telematics means navigation, communications, safety, security, and increasingly infotainment. But there are more, and telematics should be the “Hands” to help the car safer and keep the driver from getting lost. By pressing a button, it could summon roadside assistance, route the driver around accidents, auto-dials emergency hotline if bumped into the accident. Those are a few of the features that make up vehicle telematics.

USI telematics design team focuses on MCU or LVDS schematic and layout design to keep RF interference lower and improve signal quality. We can co-work with the mechanical team, internal or external, for EMC design and assembly structure to suppress noise and enhance grounding. Even more, RF integration is one of our expertise, including LTE, WiFi, GPS, or BT. We can provide all kinds of simulation tools for RF integration. For USI, as a supplier, we are your top-notch partner to present innovation, safety, and better solution for you and your customers.


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