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  •  01/27/2022

How to select a trustworthy retailing partner, the Point-of-Sale Hardware?

The way people do business has changed drastically over the past few decades, and the transformation is not yet the end. This has forced enterprises in retailing especially to adapt to the variable environment, including introducing consumers review strategies to help boost sales and revenue.

Consumer experience has become an essential factor in maximizing sales numbers in physical retailing. Choosing the right point of sale (POS) hardware became the most considerable aspect. With a well-functioning, easy-to-use POS system, retailers can also keep tracking their inventory based on each sale to ensure adequate stocks.

Since the hardware differs in multiple scenarios, the size, and type of your business will determine what type of hardware suit you the best. Given this, many companies desire to find out what POS hardware they need.

First of ALL, what is POS Hardware?
As the name implies, POS systems are where a consumer completes a purchase and makes their payment. Most important, the POS system is the central hub of a retail business’s activity, combining sales, inventory management, and customer service. The POS hardware can be included or composed with multiple crucial devices:
  1. POS terminal
  2. Charge card terminal
  3. Cash cabinet
  4. Receipt printer
  5. Standardized identification scanner
What MATTERS the most while choosing POS hardware?
To be frank, all of the fancy functions are not necessary while choosing POS equipment. It would better be the user can just manage with less confusing POS equipment for management while saving more time to focus on another more valuable effort.
1.  Size of your Industry and business
Just focus and think about what kind of business you are running, what industry you serve, how large your business is, and how you work.

2.  Usability
Consider the size of your members or colleagues when browsing POS systems and hardware. If the vendor offers an assisted setup or dependable consumer support, and what features the POS system offers.

3.  Durability/Strength
The POS machine will be used every day, even every minute, to earn a fortune for you. The handy design of mechanical capabilities and the strength of the mechanical part will determine if it would hold up for long-term use with barely repairing to decrease such hidden costs of equipment.

Mechanical Design and development assume a focal part in USI. Through the mechanical capabilities not only in shape manufacturers, plastic infusions and mixture material co-moldings, and so forth. USI are also capable of item configuration, producing administrations to realize zero inaccuracy in the mechanical part of Vehicle Computer, Specific Application Devices, Smart Handheld Devices, Port Replicator, Point of Sales (POS), AES Pen, Servers, Car Display Systems, and so on. We cultivate experiences and effectively synchronize different item advancements under a lucid SOP framework. Through the mechanical plan, material determination, tooling plan, and part fabricating processes, we keep improving the whole project plan and assembling procedure.

How about the Fixed or the Mobile POS?
The POS hardware is commonly a PC tower with a touch screen monitor, an “all-in-one” system with many of your POS hardware components included in one package, like a settled tablet, credit card scanner, etc. Furthermore, there are many pros and cons between fixed devices and mobile devices like eOrder and iOrder. 

USI has developed a fixed All-in-One smart POS terminal - eOrder, which can integrate the sales functions of physical stores, process merchant sales data in one-stop and support credit cards and mobile payment. With its display and highly compatible payment system, it can support magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, and NFC contactless payment. Consumers can just complete the payment on the terminal display of the eOrder without contacting shop assistants physically or verbally.

Moreover, USI has launched iOrder regarding the ubiquity of self-service payments in retail as well as developments in EMV payment. An Android mobile POS machine with built-in EMV payment functions which follow PCI PTS (PIN Transaction Security) standards that ensure fast, convenient and secure payment transactions. 

iOrder can be deployed for various business applications such as tableside services - taking orders, requesting service and payment, ordering, and making payment at self-service kiosks. Service personnel can complete transactions quickly and exercise flexibility according to the customer’s location and preferred payment method. 

Benefit from choosing a trustworthy partner
The final objective for enterprises is to earn profits. Choosing the right POS system from experienced suppliers could be one of the crucial benefits. USI provides professional EMS/JDM/ODM service to worldwide branded POS customers for over 20 years. It includes comprehensive services, covering Mechanical design, BIOS, POS drivers, test utilities, system integration, thermal/power/stress simulation, design qualification, etc. The long-term relationship has been proved our significant capability and comprehensive service.

Choosing the right POS system, both software, and hardware, can provide a better customer service experience, improve customer satisfaction, and go a long way to help an enterprise meet its profit goals.


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