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  •  03/06/2023

Boost efficiency & responsiveness for E-commerce Warehousing

E-Commerce development has reached every aspect of the business. The management behind the scene makes a warehouse a technical playground. Through the traditional way in the past, labour expenditures make up over two-thirds of warehouse operating costs on average. Still, "smart warehouses" provide significant competitive advantages in the E-commerce business. Consumers may pay less for goods and services due to these cost savings from human labour. In other words, charging less for comparable goods is a huge competitive advantage in the E-commerce industry.

As technology improves, E-commerce warehousing is boosting a new model for a storage system, and these kinds of warehouses are called Smart warehouses. With a minimal investment in manpower, it could keep enormous warehouses processing the daily work. Managing goods with high efficiency will be a crucial strategy for management.  

Robots, automated vehicles, and smart handheld devices (SHD) can handle all execution with smarter moves under your command. Retailers and final goods manufacturers must now upgrade their supply chains and logistics to satisfy worldwide demand as E-commerce continues to grow and globalization moves quickly.

USI's SHD can "Smarter" the Warehousing

“E-commerce warehousing” is the management of all operations associated with operating an E-Commerce warehouse. This comprises the following - keeping track of the warehouse's goods and equipment, from when merchandise is delivered until it is transported out, every process in the warehouse is being watched and predicting customer demand to prevent overstocking or running out of supplies. All these works will be an end-point and surround a central management system. But how does the system receive the data from each point? The perfect answer goes to the "smart handheld devices (SHD)".

Change is nothing new for warehouse operations. Thus, consistent shifting market dynamics require warehouse managers to be more resilient and intelligent. USI has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing rugged portable/handheld devices. Our total mobile solutions combined with computing and scanning can connect each operational area in the warehouse to give you the overall monitoring, which could lessen effort for more income. Whichever equipment you need to support warehouse management, from these scenarios and equipment introduction, you will be able to find the product that will benefit the most:
  • Devices with Radio Frequency (RF) - These are commonly utilized and have been around for a while. The equipment is rugged and well-suited for a warehouse setting. They scan barcodes to trace items from receipt through stock, picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Smartphones and Tablets - Due to the high cost of specialized RF devices, several businesses in the distribution trades have switched to employing consumer-grade cell phones and tablets.   Moreover, since employees are accustomed to using smartphones and tablets, they can pick them up quickly. Given both inevitable reasons, it's not hard to find that smartphones are the most used mobile device in supply chain and logistics operations. 
The most important is the larger screen sizes allow for far more visual instructions to be given to warehouse staff, including images and text commands. Utilizing the same devices as their employees allows warehouse managers to view KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and run reports from every corner of the warehouse, allowing them to take immediate actions without returning to their workstations.
  • RFID devices – Radio Frequency Identification devices are also primarily used at warehouses. Intelligent barcodes are used in RFID tags, a sort of tracking device, to identify objects. Although barcodes are not anticipated to be replaced entirely with RFID tags, there are some benefits: Using an RFID scanning portal, items may be automatically logged as they arrive at warehousing because RFID tags can be read and written without requiring line of sight, and they also can carry a lot more information than barcodes. Although RFID readers are specialized equipment, RFID tag readers are now available as smartphone add-ons. 
  • Integrated Solutions - While using only tablets or mobiles with GPS tracking apps will improve warehouse performance, more gains can be made by putting together a collection of mobile tools, such as pairing mobiles with camera systems and printers or audio solutions with portable printing or using mobiles with voice capabilities rather than a dedicated voice device. Through the equipment upgradation, the warehouse staff spends less time travelling between fixed stations and more time bringing the logistic management. 

Become a “Well-Connected” Warehouse

In addition to all these solutions, USI has also launched a self-developed industrial handheld device VAD6490, and Real-time GPS Asset Tracker. The integration of the solutions with the warehouse brings each of these benefits to help enhance warehouse management in the “smart” world:
  • Gaining instant access to data will boost your supply chain's visibility.
  • Decreased labour expenses as a result of effective labour allocation.
  • Simplified warehousing operations.
  • More accurate inventory tracking.
  • Increased reactivity, flexibility, and security in the warehouse.
  • Improved communication with suppliers.

Future innovative warehousing will integrate more closely with logistics, which calls for tracking and analysis. By offering turnkey services, including SCM management, product design, qualification testing, and manufacturing, it becomes the decisive factor why customers choose us as their reliable partner. Overall, Solutions from USI can fulfill or even exceed the customers’ expectation of “smart warehousing”.

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